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Your First Visit

What to expect at your first visit

We will review your pre consult form  together.  As well if you have any scans, results or reports to contribute to your appointment please bring them along with you.  This will give us a comprehensive review of your health history as well as the current state of your health and how we might be able to help. We will then answer any questions you may have prior to starting the examination. 


With care and consideration, we will perform a thorough examination. This involves tests such as:

Elemental Chiropractic evidence based treatments


Once a detailed history and physical examination are complete, we will communicate with you what we believe the imbalance is as well as how we can help via chiropractic care.


We will explain the options for the different type of chiropractic techniques offered and what might be best for your imbalances. Yet ultimately it is up to your preference of techniques used during your adjustment.


Before you leave Elemental, your chiropractor will explain to you:

Elemental chiro SOT technique web