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Cranial Manipulative Reflex Technique (CRMT)

Balancing the full body from the inside out

What is CRMT?

Cranio manipulative reflex technique (CMRT) is a technique that results from an outside stressor (physical, chemical, mental, emotional, thermal) disrupting the bodies ability to adapt.

This lack of adaptation creates a disruption in the subluxation complex of specific areas which correspond to a certain organ system but specifically an individual organ. This then results in a signal from either a sensory fibre or motor fibre within your nervous system which creates tension at the sight of what is called a golgi tendon organ.

A golgi tendon organ is a muscle fibre located at the base of your skull which will become tense when it receives these signals simply put, from the body up to the brain.

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These fibres present in an imaginary grid along the base of either side of your skull.  

There are three lines and seven areas that all correspond to a specific vertebra and their corresponding organ which represent their functional ability. Line one represents a meningeal imbalance, line two represents a visceral imbalance and line three represents a structural pathological imbalance.

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This is a very complex and often highly precise way for the body to indirectly tell you what might be happening within your different organ systems but more accurately an exact organ. If a reflex is found and the appropriate body indicators allow the next step, CMRT will be used to balance the signals from somato-visceral (body to organ) to somato-spinal (body to spine) creating this pattern.  Often suggestion of nutrition or emotional imbalances are appropriate here in addition to the adjustment technique. 

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