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Our Philosophy

The Elemental Mission

Rerouting people’s understanding of chiropractic care by embracing a holistic approach to support optimal health, performance and healing from the outside in — more than just the spine.

Our Values

Elemental Chiropractic Cranial


Life is best lived in balance. We look at all sides, inside and out, to connect, adjust and balance the body, calm the nervous system, improve overall health and help hit reset on people’s wellness.

Elemental Chiropractic SOT


We love helping people optimise their health, so we give 100% to making a difference every day. We do everything we can to set people’s lives up for success with great health

Elemental Chiropractic Holistic


Our space is safe and secure. A place where we can comfortably listen to all concerns about what’s going on with your body, and make the changes needed. Everyone has a voice and valid concerns in our world.

Elemental Chiropractic CRMT

Patient First

Every body is different — and should be treated as such. We know our patients because we know them inside and out. Our patients are the heart of everything we do to deliver great health outcomes, and provide quality experiences.

Elemental Chiropractic Appedicular


It’s a team effort. Informative, honest and transparent, we set expectations and work collaboratively as one, to build trust in order to understand different needs and lifestyles. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach to achieving better health.

Elemental Chiropractic Skelelton


We stand for inclusion, everyone is welcome. Being friendly and welcoming comes naturally. Everyone deserves to live and enjoy a pain free life and experience optimal health.

Pain and issues — no matter how big or small — are approached from the outside in.

Elemental Chiropractic uses a wide range of practices including CMRT (Cranial Manipulative Reflex Technique where organ reflexes are neurologically cleared), SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique, focusing on body indicators to better inform diagnoses and treatments) and cranial adjustments to optimise the brain and the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. Not to mention, Elemental Chiropractic believes in looking at the emotional, mental and spiritual health of a person as they all play a role in health.

With training from the founding school of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic, as well as a degree in Sports Medicine, Owner and Doctor Meredith Ruby believes in the power of knowledge. She empowers patients by making the complex easy to understand, so they can focus on resetting their lives and bodies.

Meredith Ruby

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