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The Elemental Story

We are Elemental Chiropractic, a small team of passionate chiropractors that emboldens people to take on life in excellent health.

We centre your health beyond the spine.

Using traditional chiropractic care with a holistic approach, we don’t just treat your pain problem immediately, we get right to the root cause of it. Building a powerful foundation and changes from the outside in.

We are loved for our big-picture view of health and our speciality adjustment techniques including CMRT
(Cranial Manipulative Reflex Technique, where organ reflexes are neurologically cleared), SOT (Sacro-
Occipital Technique, focusing on body indicators to better inform diagnoses and treatments), and cranial
adjustment techniques, which restores and corrects the flow of cerebral spinal fluid to unlock the brain’s power.
Not to mention our warm, welcoming and personable approach where no question or option is left unturned.

Meredith Ruby

Our approach is to tailor our care to your lifestyle, which goes beyond the clinic rooms.

Owner and Doctor Meredith Ruby bought the practice so she could bring more of her unique and highly effective skills to not only her devoted existing patients but the local community and wider Sydney. Her passion is to give chiropractic care a voice to help people better understand it as more than just the spine. Meredith believes knowledge is power. It is a key role in life’s important decisions, so making the complex easy to understand means her patients (new and existing) can focus on resetting, rebuilding and seeing their bodies as a whole system rather than separate parts. With training from the founding school of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic (Florida, USA), as well as a degree in Sports Medicine from East Carolina University, plus close to twenty years under her belt, you’re in excellent hands no matter your questions or concerns.

Visit us to step towards optimal health today. We’ll reroute your nervous system and your understanding of the
wonderful world of chiropractic care so you can better take on life, your way.

Elemental Chiropractic
Centering your health beyond the spine.