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Cranial Adjustments

A gentle technique to bring balance to the body

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Why Cranial Adjustments?

The overwhelming majority of your central nervous system is located within the brain which is surrounded by three intricate layers of tissue and fluids.

These tissues and fluids (blood plasma, cerebral spinal fluid, as well as brain interstitial fluid) provide signals to the specific areas, nutrients to the area as well as removal of toxins and waste material accumulated throughout the day.

The innermost layer is called the pia mater, the middle is the arachnid mater while the outside layer is called the dura mater.

This dura mater has anchor points along the sutures of the skull, which directly connect to the osseous (bone) contacts the chiropractor uses on the skull. When corrected purposefully these anchor points can affect their corresponding vascular, lymphatic, neural and osseous structures

These adjustments may influence the shape of the meningeal and brain tissue.

The human skull has 22 bones, 59 basics articulations while the fascial articulations as 43 to the count totalling a potential of 102 articulations that can be influenced by a cranial adjustment.  These adjustments are subtle and delicate while often feeling quite relaxing as some can use your breath to assist in the correction.  

This technique powerfully affects the whole nervous system input as well as its output which will aid in restoring normal function. 

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