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Sacro-occipital technique (SOT)

Balancing the full body from the inside out

What is SOT?

SOT is a full body approach that encompasses the chiropractic discipline and philosophy for understanding homeostasis relating to health.   It believes in balancing from the inside out not the outside in. It uses an evaluation of the neurological and structural interrelationships upon an indicator system.   These indicators give the chiropractor your body feedback that give rise to imbalances in the neuromuscular (Categories), somatovisceral ( CMRT) and cranio-meningeal (Cranial) systems.

Elemental chiro SOT technique web
Elemental Chiropractic SOT Technique

SOT includes these subset techniques, allow a sequential flow to the alignments thoughtout the body, which enhances the expression of ones optimal health. 

In short, the sacrum (tailbone) and occiput (back of your skull) are reciprocal bones that mirror each other in both correction and imbalances.

The body is literally connected from top to bottom and vice versa. These two areas are at length the lock and key to our ultimate adaptive ability to wellness. 

Centering Your Health

The three categories

Elemental Chiropractic Cranial

Category One

This category addresses the cranio sacral dural subluxation which results in a disturbance to the supply of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) output to the nervous system which ultimately causes neural failure.

Elemental Chiropractic SOT

Category Two

This category addresses the sacroiliac going (SIJ) for weight bearing subluxations. An imbalance here of these ligaments results in neural failure due to the loss of the body to move through space, gravity and become upright. Even putting your socks on and getting dressed in the morning are difficult and this indicates you have an imbalance in the category two system. Compensation of the body to realign itself to the horizon quickly become evident here.

Elemental Chiropractic Holistic

Category Three

This category addresses lumbar subluxations including all discogenic syndromes resulting in a stretch syndrome or nerve root compression. This will present with neural failure again and often the body will seize, spasm and lock down in its efforts to protect and to do no further harm.

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