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Holistic treatment for your nervous system which includes every function and system in your body.

At Elemental we offer an integrated approach to chiropractic using an evidence-based, whole body point of view. Ultimately resulting in the highest standard of natural healthcare.

What do Chiropractors do?

This means there is a central emphasis on the spine, joints and ‘muscles’ of the body and skull. Issues you might seek chiropractic care could include:

What does a chiropractic treatment involve?

Chiropractors employ and utilise a variety of treatment methods and these may include

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Holistic Chiropractic Treatments

The Elemental Approach to Wellness

At Elemental Chiropractic, we’re proud to have Meredith Ruby as a pivotal part of our friendly and professional team. Meredith brings a wealth of knowledge and a gentle touch to our holistic care services. Our practice is all about creating a warm, welcoming environment where every client feels valued and understood. We’re not just about adjustments; we’re about nurturing your overall well-being, ensuring that you leave feeling better not just physically, but in every aspect of your life. With Meredith and our team at Elemental Chiropractic, you’re in caring hands.

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Elemental is a chiropractic clinic located in Balmain in the innerwest of Sydney. We offer an evidence-based chiropractic treatment approach for spinal, extremity, cranial and somatovisceral imbalances. Our chiropractor performs the necessary history, examination, diagnosis, evaluation and treatments during your appointments, which are conducted in a friendly, relaxed environment.

At Elemental we help guide your body to begin the healing process. We also offer additional ways to improve your overall function and wellness. This can often include take home recommendations for exercises, healthy habits and preventative measures.

Visit our Balmain clinic for safe, effective and ethical treatments delivered by a chiropractor who is passionate about your overall health and well-being.